Meet the Team

Pam Burnett

PAM BURNETT, property manager

A seasoned real estate and construction professional, Pam brings a unique skill set to the property. Prior to her engagement as Summit Grove’s property manager, she was a partner in the commercial design build company that constructed the office park. She has intimate knowledge of every building from the first excavation of earth to the most recent coat of paint. Her practical knowledge of building systems promotes a proactive approach to maintenance reducing service outages and inconvenience to tenants, as well as efficient planning strategies for custom spaces.

Allen Rogers

ALLEN ROGERS, tenant services

A recent full-time addition to the Summit Grove team, Allen had been providing part-time after-hours maintenance support for over seven years when we invited him to join us on a full time basis in 2014. Allen brings a well-rounded knowledge of general construction, plumbing, electrical, and HVAC skills to our tenants. His problem-solving acumen and ‘never quit’ attitude are evident as he resolves even the most obscure tenant problems expeditiously with minimum interruption to operations. Summit Grove is one of the only properties in the area to offer full-time, on-site maintenance and repair support to its tenants.